Tons of people have started making passive income selling printables on etsy. Now You Can Discover how to do it too…

sell printables on etsy kickstart

open your etsy shop & sell your first printable

This course helps busy moms to learn how to create a printable and open their Etsy shop in a few easy steps, so they can start making passive income quickly.  



sell printables on etsy kickstart

I’ll walk you through step-by-step how to create your first printable, open your Etsy shop, and list it for sale.  


You’ll learn how to: 

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Imagine making passive income every month

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testimonials from past participants

what they have to say

Instead of having us talk about ourselves, why don’t we see what our past participants have to say.

“The course was super easy to follow, with clear instructions that made the whole process feel like a breeze.”

"Chelsea truly is a wizard when it comes to selling printables on Etsy. The course was super easy to follow, with clear instructions that made the whole process feel like a breeze. Not only did I learn valuable tips and tricks for creating and selling printables, but I also felt like I gained a great Etsy mentor along the way. If you're looking to kickstart your Etsy printable business, I can't recommend this course enough!"
Sonja Larsen

“The bite-sized video lessons in Sell Printables On Etsy Kickstart Course make it fun and easy to learn all the tips you need to start a brand new Etsy shop.”

The bite-sized video lessons in Sell Printables On Etsy Kickstart Course make it fun and easy to learn all the tips you need to start a brand new Etsy shop. I love that Chelsea has also included lessons to show us how to create a set of printables in Canva from scratch as well as how to customize templates that she has provided. This is a great kickstart course that will cover the basics needed for complete beginners to start an Etsy shop. 

photo of Faith Lee
Faith Lee
Faiths Biz Academy

“There is absolutely no fluff in this course – it’s quick, to the point, and explained clearly.”

This course is what I needed to kickstart selling on Etsy! Chelsea explains everything you need to know to get set up and start selling, there is absolutely no fluff in this course - it's quick, to the point, explained clearly and you could be set up on Etsy with your first product listing in approx 90 mins! And it's accessible 😁!

profile photo of Ami
Ami Hook-Ireland

Course Content

What You'll Learn

Module 1

Getting started

You’ll learn how to create an Etsy account, how to set up a Canva account, and some of the most important legal aspects of selling printables on Etsy and using Canva.  

Module 2

creating your printable

In this module you’ll learn how to start using the basic features of Canva.  You’ll be guided through how to make your first product from scratch but you will also receive a template and learn to customize it.  You will also learn how to create listing images and write listing descriptions.  

Module 3

Opening your shop

In this module you’ll take everything you’ve created and learn how to actually open your shop and list your printable for sale.  

Module 4

Bonus lessons

The goal of the course is to get your first product listed and your shop opened in the quickest and most streamlined way possible.  These bonus lessons can be done in any order depending on what you want to work on next.  

This is perfect for you if you ...

Want a fun and creative side hustle that you can work on in your spare time

Don't have a ton of time and you want step-by-step tutorials

Don't have any experience using Canva, or have used it a little but you're not an expert.

Want to start selling printables but aren't sure where to start.

Are looking for a legit side hustle where you can actually make money

You are motivated and excited to get started earning passive income!

This is not for you if you...

You already have an Etsy shop with digital products and you're at the intermediate or advanced level

Would rather search for online resources and piece together the process yourself

Want to start selling your products on a platform other than Etsy (like your own website or Shopify)

Don't own a computer (you'll need one to follow along through the course)

Have a large budget and want to buy a more robust course with advanced techniques

Want to get rich quick

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Get to know me

meet Chelsea Sprague

Hi!  I’m Chelsea Sprague, the owner of PLR Friends. 


I have a passion for creating passive income streams and helping others learn to do the same so that we can spend more time doing the things we love.  


I went to college for Speech Pathology with the intention of working in a school because I love to teach.  Along the way, I realized I wanted more freedom and that passive income was the best way to achieve it.  Now, I run with my husband, Dave and use my teaching skills to teach others how to start making passive income too.  


Frequently asked questions

Yes!  The course was designed for beginners who don’t know where to start with opening an Etsy shop to sell printables.  

No, this course teaches you how to create your first printable and open your shop 100% for free!  Everything we teach uses free software.  

You’ll have to find a little bit of time, but the course is broken up into smaller lessons.  I recommend setting aside some time each day or week, whatever works best for you.  You get lifetime access to the course! 

It really depends.  You can work to make a few extra dollars per month or a few hundred dollars per month!  The method I teach will give you a kickstart course on how to open your shop to get started.  I currently make between $100 and $200 per month on Etsy.  

Not at all!  The benefit of selling on Etsy is you have built in customers.  

You’ll have to be the judge of that.  This course will guide you through step-by-step but you’ll need to be able to go to the websites, follow along with the steps, check your emails, and other things like that.  you don’t need to know anything complicated.  If you are comfortable browsing the web or online shopping you should be able to follow along with this course.  

Honestly?  You might and you might not.  After you learn to create the first product, you will need to stay motivated, and keep adding products to your shop consistently.  It can take some time before you are consistently making sales but the more effort you put in the more you will get out of it.  

You have lifetime access to the course even if the price goes up in the future. 

Yes!  There are some top sellers on Etsy selling only printables.  I sell only printables and made 100 sales in the first 3 months.  

The course is self paced but you can go through it in a weekend if you want.  There’s no fluff, just the exact steps you need to open your shop ASAP

Nope!  The lessons teach you what to do as if you have never used Canva.  There’s even a Canva quick start printable guide included for your reference.  You can follow along step by step as I teach you how to use Canva. 

still have questions?

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are you ready to start selling printables and making passive income?